viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Ubuntu memory stress tool

Hey there again...  If you need to exhaust the linux OS memory to its limits there is an useful tool at:

You can find the most accurate information there for that tool. I found there places with follow steps and these were not updated, so in a while mine also might be obsolete, anyway here we go:

Step 1 Get the tool
Step 2 Build/Install it
Step 3 Execute it

# wget
# tar -xvf stress-1.0.4.tar.gz
# cd stress-1.0.4
# ./configure
# make
# sudo make install

# stress --help

# stress --cpu 8 --io 4 --vm 2 --vm-bytes 128M --timeout 10s
stress: info: [4487] dispatching hogs: 8 cpu, 4 io, 2 vm, 0 hdd
stress: info: [4487] successful run completed in 10s

note: make sure you have gcc installed #yum install gcc

P.S. Currently there is a proposal to change New Zealand flag

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